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LRPPG Workday Flyer (1).png

What to Expect: 

  • A signed volunteer waiver is needed to participate in volunteer days. For those under 18, one signed by their parents can be emailed in before workday attendance or handed in day-of.

  • Proper safety gear is a must! Closed-toed shoes and water required. Sunscreen, hat, and long pants preferable. 

  • RSVP preferred but not required; if coming to the site without one, an LRPPG partner staffer will find the lead to provide:

    • Brief safety orientation

    • Plan for day based on volunteer interests and physical ability

  • Typical variety of workday opportunities: painting, trash pick-up, watering, planting, invasive plant removal

  • Typical physical requirements: use of tools, bending down, working in heat

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