The Louis Robidoux Parkland and Pecan Grove (LRPPG) is a 40-A property located along the Santa Ana River in unincorporated Riverside County. Prior to April of 2017, the property was managed by the Riverside County Parks and Open Space District (RCPOSD), during which time on-site features including a public trails system, historic pecan grove, Cahuilla grinding rocks, and the adjacent Sunnyslope Creek served as the backdrop for a suite of conservation-focused public education and outreach programming. In the spring of 2017, budget concerns forced closure of the Parkland (then known as the Louis Robidoux Nature Center), as RCPOSD searched for an alternative site manager able to reinitiate activities at the site.


As of June of 2019, the Louis Robidoux Parkland and Pecan Grove will be managed for (at least) the next five years by a group of partnering agencies including the San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District, the Orange County Water District, Huerta del Valle, Sunshine Haven Wildlife Rehabilitation, and the Inland Empire Resource Conservation District.