Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the partners working to restore the site?

There are five partner agencies working to restore the Parkland, collectively known as the LRNC Consortium. You can read more about them here. 

What is Riverside County Parks and Open Space District's role at LRPPG? 

RCPOSD retains full site ownership of the site, and has entered into an agreement with the LRNC Consortium partners. This agreement allows the Consortium to manage the property for the extent of five years. The parties will evaluate management effectiveness and desire to continue at year five (2023), at which point there will be an opportunity to extend the current contract for two additional extensions for five years each. 

Will the LRPPG be regularly staffed? 

Yes, the LRPPG will have a variety of staff members from Consortium and partner agencies consisting of those stationed regularly on site and those who will periodically use the site. At this point in the planning process, the Consortium is planning for one full-time site manager, multiple education staffers who will support on-site field trips and workshops, agricultural managers and practicioners focused on sustainable food on site, and multiple natural resources staffers who will be working on a variety of site maitenance, wildlife support, and adjacent creek restoration. 

Staffing patterns will be evaluated and adjusted on an ongoing basis to best meet the needs of residents and resources at the Center. 

Will there be fees associated with LRPPG use? 

No fees will be charged for any resident activities or general use of the site. There is potential to ultimately hold fundraising activities including farm-to-fork dinners in the pecan grove; however, these will be the only activities with associated fees and all profits will be put back into resident programming at LRPPG.

When will work begin at the Parkland? 

Work at the Parkland has already begun! In this early stage, the LRNC Consortium is focused on the development of a Master Plan for property work as well as elevating security of the site.

Background photo by Jennifer Iyer