Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the partners working to restore the site?

There are five partner agencies working to restore the Parkland, collectively known as the LRNC Consortium. You can read more about them here. 

What is Riverside County Parks and Open Space District's role at LRPPG? 

RCPOSD retains full site ownership of the site, and has entered into an agreement with the LRNC Consortium partners. This agreement allows the Consortium to manage the property for the extent of five years. The parties will evaluate management effectiveness and desire to continue at year five (2023), at which point there will be an opportunity to extend the current contract for two additional extensions for five years each. 

Will there be fees associated with LRPPG use? 

No fees will be charged for any resident activities or general use of the site. There is potential to ultimately hold fundraising activities including farm-to-fork dinners in the pecan grove; however, these will be the only activities with associated fees and all profits will be put back into resident programming at LRPPG.

When will work begin at the Parkland? 

Work at the Parkland has already begun! In this early stage, the LRNC Consortium is focused on the development of a Master Plan for property work as well as elevating security of the site.

What is happening to the pecan grove? Are the trees being removed?

The pecan grove is a huge part of LRPPG’s history and its protection is a priority for the site partners.  Work is needed to return this part of the property to a fully functional, sustainable grove, and this will be done under the direction of a licensed arborist, with work beginning after the end of nesting season to avoid impacts to protected species.  Some trees will be removed as part of this process, but will be replanted as the partners work to restore grove health.

Will there be programming on site for school children?

Yes, absolutely!  There are plans for onsite field trips for K-12 students, an interpretive center, and site-wide signage detailing the rich cultural and biological history of the LRPPG.  Advancements in site planning and infrastructure are necessary in order to safely host children on-site, and the partners are already working to connect with local educators and students to enable program facilitation as soon as possible. 

What's happening with the Jurupa Ditch? Are the LRPPG Partners doing anything to fix it? Is it part of the plans at Louis Robidoux?

Yes, the San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District (SBVMWD) has taken the leadon assessing repair needs and potential for restoration of full function to the Jurupa Ditch.  As part of this process, SBVMWD has invited Jurupa Ditch shareholders and area community members to provide feedback and participate in meetings, and will provide updates as more information becomes available. For more information please contact Kirsten Wallace at SBVMWD using and she’ll get you to the right staffer who can provide more detail.

When will the mulch/tree debris be removed from site?

The LRPPG partners are absolutely focused on spreading mulch and removing large debris based on feedback at the August Second Saturday Event.  We are working with Jurupa Valley Councilmember Chris Barajas to organize pick-up days for any community members interested in the wood, and will otherwise work with a contractor to have it removed and takn to an off-site greenwaste facility.  The pick-up event will be widely advertised as soon as more details are available.   

Where does the funding for this project come from?

The funding comes from a variety of sources, consisting primarily of existing partner budget allocations and current grants, with multiple grant applications in various stages of progress.  LRPPG Partners and stakeholders are also supporting advancement of site work with in-kind staff and volunteer time and equipment use.

What is the timeline for this project? What are the next steps?

The 46 fire that devastated the property heavily impacted progress and planning for LRPPG; however, partners have revised the timeline to focus on 2021 site clean-up, master planning, and informal volunteer events.  We anticipate 2022 infrastructure improvement, associated increase in regular K-12 and adult programming, and advancement of key components of the master plan. Short and long-term LRPPG site plans are designed to go forward in conjunction with regular participation from the community to ensure consistency with public expectations and priorities, and for that reason, the process of goal design and advancement will be a transparent one with plenty of opportunity to get involved! 

Background photo by Jennifer Iyer