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San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District (Valley District)

The Valley District is a State Water Contractor that was formed to meet the water needs of eastern San Bernardino County. Valley District is a wholesale water provider; delivering water to retail agencies throughout its 325-square mile service area. Valley District is a regional leader; managing groundwater storage, identifying water resources for the future, and partnering with surrounding agencies to ensure a reliable water supply throughout areas of San Bernardino and Riverside counties. LRPPG management is an opportunity for the Valley District to collaborate with other site stakeholders on facilitation of resident education and outreach, and to establish an off-site HQ for facilitation of uplift connected to the upper Santa Ana River Habitat Conservation Plan.


Sunshine Haven Wildlife Rehab (SHWR)

Sunshine Haven Wildlife Rehabilitation is a 501c3 (non-profit) organization providing health care and rehabilitation to injured and/or orphaned wildlife found within urban limits, including mammals, birds and reptiles. At LRPPG, Sunshine haven will be maintaining an on-site clinic and will be contributing content and staffing support for Center programming focused stewardship of habitats supporting area wildlife.


Orange County Water District (OCWD)

The OCWD is a regional water agency focused on providing reliable, high quality water supply in a cost-effective and environmentally conscious manner. As part of this mission, the District oversees the management and replenishment of Orange County's groundwater basin, elevates water reliability for residents, prevents seawater intrusion, and protects OCWD rights to the Santa Ana River. In addition to protection of water supply and access, OCWD also performs regular conversation-focused community education, and project work focused on restoration and protection of habitat for the federally-listed Santa Ana Sucker. The partnership in LRPPG management will allow OCWD to continue its ten-year efforts in Santa Ana sucker preservation at Sunnyslope Creek, and to collaborate with other site partners on design and facilitation of watershed-wide education and outreach.


Inland Empire Resource Conservation District (IERCD)

A local government agency headquartered in Redlands, the IERCD is one of 97 Resource Conservation Districts statewide providing local conservation, wildland uplift, sustainable agriculture and forestry services, and resident education and outreach within unique district boundaries. IERCD's role at the LRPPG will focus on collaboration with and support of site-wide conservation education opportunities and site features for residents of all ages, including trails, educational signage, community workshops, on and off-site K-12 programming, among other components.

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Huerta del Valle(HdV)

Huerta del Valle is a 501c3 (non-profit) organization, working to increase production and community access to sustainably-produced food in the region through farming, healthy food access, nutrition education, sustainable production and distribution, and economic development addressing complex regional health issues. HdV works toward mission fulfillment through maintenance of four properties housing acreage under production for its community supported agriculture (CSA) program, a native plant nursery and seed farm for pollinator support and habitat training program. HdV partnership at LRPPG is projected to result in establishment of sustainable agriculture demonstration areas; use of grazing to control site weeds in place of herbicide; and collaboration in conservation-focused on-site K-12 field trips and technical workshops.

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Riverside County Regional Park and Open-Space District (RivCoParks)

Riverside County Regional Park and Open-Space District (RivCoParks) is the county’s regional park district.  Managed sites include regional campgrounds, trails, nature centers, and historic sites.  Their mission is to acquire, protect, develop, manage, and interpret for the inspiration, use and enjoyment of all people, a well-balanced system of park related places of outstanding scenic, recreational, and historic importance. Our Vision is to be the regional leader in improving lives through people, parks, places and programs.

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