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Spring Fling

Flyer for a "Spring Fling" event with flowers, a butterfly, a fox illustration, event details, and activities.


In the fall of 2020, Louis Robidoux Parkland and Pecan Grove (LRPPG) partners entered into a contract with the Riverside County Parks and Open Space District (RCPOSD) for management of this 40-A former Nature Center site.  The contract followed the devastating ‘46 Fire that took place in the fall of 2019 and damaged the majority of the site including fully destroying the former Nature Center.  Once contract execution was completed, LRPPG partners began working in cooperation with RCPOSD to rehabilitate the damaged property.  Phase I focused on remediation of site damage including removal of burned and other hazardous material, and was completed in early winter 2021.


Following this Phase, partners began working on short-term implementation and long-term planning focused on returning value to the property to benefit the surrounding community and regular regional visitors who’d been part of LRPPG for the past several decades.  One of the core areas of focus of this second phase included the evaluation of native species previously flourishing on-site and the development of planning for sourcing and reestablishing presence on the property.  Activities associated with this focus included establishing an on-site nursery where LRPPG partner the Inland Empire Resource Conservation District (IERCD) is able to store collected seed and contract grow species for use on site; designing layout and infrastructure of site gardens to showcase local native species and provide support to local wildlife; and installation of plants, infrastructure, and signage to help visitors connect with these species.  The result of this work is the establishment of three emerging gardens on-site, including

The Biodiversity Garden 

The Biodiversity Garden was LRPPG’s first reestablished planting area, consisting of a palette of native species grown on-site and/or sourced from IERCD’s Jurupa Valley Nursery.  This garden is intended to showcase local native plants and provide opportunities for foraging, nesting, and cover for local species.  Recently installed plant signs help visitors interested in expanding presence of native plants in their own yards.  This garden, including all trails and signage, was fully established by IERCD.



The Food and Medicine Garden 

Established in January 2024, this Garden was a vision between IERCD and local Indigenous partners to showcase important native plant species that are used, historically and currently, by Indigenous Peoples. The garden features a variety of species with medicinal and edible qualities and will be open to tribe members for native plant harvesting.

Two people planting a tree outdoors, smiling, with clear skies and leafless trees in the background.
Group of people outdoors, some trees, clear sky, and a rock path.
The Monarch Garden 

The Monarch Garden was planted in the fall of 2023 using funding from partners including the California Association of Resource Conservation Districts and the Wildlife Conservation Board.  The Garden was established as part of a statewide effort to reestablish critical habitat for monarch butterflies, with species benefits and garden plants visible through site signage shown below. 

A poster about a Monarch Restoration Garden supporting butterfly populations, highlighting threats to monarchs and the garden's background.
A Spanish poster about a 2-acre Monarch Butterfly Restoration Garden, discussing the crisis monarchs face due to habitat loss and climate change.
Poster with images of various plants and Spanish text about plant selection for monarch butterfly migration.
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An informative poster in Spanish about helping pollinators with images of a bee, hummingbird, and butterflies, plus a QR code.
An informational poster about supporting pollinators with images of a hummingbird, a bee, and butterflies, plus a QR code.

Ribbon Cutting

With the establishment of these three gardens over the past three years, LRPPG has seen an increase in public engagement, both in person and online.  Site partners are excited to introduce a larger circle of community members to these gardens, scheduled for a time when all gardens are at peak bloom and at their most inspiring to visitors.  The Spring Fling event will include multiple garden tours led by IERCD’s on-site Restoration Ecologist, during which time attendees can take pictures of favorite plants and request additional information on sourcing and best practices for inclusion in home landscapes. Event attendees can also feel free to move among the gardens without participating in official tours.  All attendees will be encouraged to view the increased presence of native plants on-site while learning more about the property and partners (and snacking on some great local food!) coming together to rebuild the beautiful Louis Robidoux Parkland and Pecan Grove.


Tabling Partners

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