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Photo Station 5: Riparian Plantings

May contain: ground, soil, gravel, road, plant, and vegetation



Learn more about some of our pollinator species here: 

How the Photo Stations Work

We have interactive photo stations strategically placed throughout LRPPG! Each station is linked to a separate webpage that includes a brief introduction to their connected project. You can help us track the health and progress of our garden by using the one installed at the garden trailhead. Simply: 

  1. Take out your cell phone and open the camera app. 
  2. With the screen facing you, position your cell phone horizontally in the mount attached to the top of the post. Make sure it's oriented with the camera at the top to prevent the snapshot from being blocked by the holder. 
  3. Take a picture! For best results, please make sure that there are no people in the frame. Remember, the purpose of this project is to track the changes of the landscape over time. However, if you’d like to submit an additional photo with people included, we’d love to feature you online! 
  4. Upload the photo using the form below! 

Please note: this page is only for the LRPPG  Riparian Plantings. To upload photos from other stations, please scan the codes on their respective posts to access their project-specific pages. Thank you!

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